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Attracting the right people to your company is hard; Building rapport, selling your culture, assessing fit, getting people started!! Luckily The Recruitment Company’s Video Recruitment Toolkit helps with all these critical stages. Four award winning video products designed to make you stand out and attract the best people for your amazing company! Want to see how The Video Recruitment Toolkit can help you? Simply click on a TV to get started

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Stand-out from the crowD with The Video Jobspec

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72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. (Insivia)

Finding good people is tough, but finding them is only part of the puzzle, getting them enthused is another. The Video Jobspec is designed to present your organization, your role in the best possible light.

Graphically present key selling points of your role and company, throw in some graphs outlining what you need, what the role entails and lead it all with a short video (or two) recorded by you.

Your competitors all have well written job specs, some of them even have pretty brochures, but if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a million times more. The Video Jobspec allows you to “sell” the personality of your company and attract likeminded individuals. It allows you to stand out, above and beyond your competition.

For only €150 per month subscription you can access
The Video Jobspec for all your recruitment (€350 for the whole toolkit).

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Attracting good people is one thing but how do you thoroughly assess applicants from an initial screening call and a CV? What if you could simply send them a link? Ask them to video themselves answering a few questions or doing a task.

What if you could embed this video into a simple dashboard along with your notes and a few charts assessing their skills against the role criteria.

What if you could then compare your shortlisted applicants’ side by side and share with colleagues?

All of this, (and more), is possible with the award-winning The Video Shortlist. It’s a simple and effective way of turning a dull, uncertain, 2-dimensional shortlist into a living, breathing 3-dimensional collection of personalities and REAL people. Imagine how much time and money you’d save NOT having to interview people who just don’t fit with your organisation.

Find the best fit for your company, faster, with The Video Shortlist.

For only €150 per month subscription you can access The Video Candidate Shortlist for all your recruitment (€350 for the whole toolkit).

Ready to start collecting real people for your organisation?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. (Insivia)

The Video Candidate Shortlist preview

Companies with an engaging Induction programs retained 91% of their first-year workers (Tiny Pulse)

So, you have found your perfect next employee. That was the easy bit.

Now you have to navigate the uncertain waters of counter offers and notice period.

You’ve made an offer. Your future employee has accepted, but your competitors are circling like hungry sharks, offering them more money. Their current employer wants to keep them, calling on their loyalty and connection with the team. After all you’ve offered them because they are AMAZING and everyone wants AMAZING people.

As they get bombarded with offers of more money, better conditions, an office with a view, their own mug in the kitchen, the connection they made with you (and your company) starts to feel a bit distant. The cost in time and money, IF you have to start the process again, is not something you really want to think about.

The Video Offer allows you to celebrate with your new employee. Send them videos from you and the team reminding them of the amazing, fun people they’ll be working with. Re-sell the role to them; all the bits they loved, all the reasons they accepted your offer in the first place. Keep that love (and connection) alive with a fun, interactive dashboard of facts, graphs, and videos.

With The Video Offer, the connection they formed with your company lasts that little bit longer. The reasons they accepted your role IS front of mind and if they start to falter… well, they have your smiling face to reel them back in.

For only €150 per month subscription you can access The Video Job Offer for all your recruitment (€350 for the whole toolkit).

Ready to start collecting real people for your organisation?

A strong Induction process can improve productivity by over 70% (Glassdoor)

It is said that a newly hatched chick will latch onto, the first thing that it sees. New employees are similar in that when they walk through your door (or log into that first Zoom call) the first thing they see, their first impression, will dictate how they view your organisation.

A bad induction can set the tone for their entire time with your organisation.

This is where The Video Induction comes in. In one simple dashboard format you can send out video messages from the whole team welcoming them, you can add induction documents, policies, onboarding processes, workflows, and meeting invites. You can link to your video meeting product, your electronic signing app or your intranet.

The Video Induction allows you to reconfirm the specifics of the role, give them some fun facts (who doesn’t want to know where to get the best coffee near the office) and wow them with a fun, intensive and structured onboarding experience.

If you have online forms to fill in and sign, then why not send it out before they start their employment to get things moving quicker.

The Video Induction works with face-to-face onboarding and works just as well with a remote or flexible workforce too. A lacklustre induction can undo all the hard work you’ve created in the hiring process. By utilising My Video Induction, you can set the right tone from day one.

For only €150 per month subscription you can access The Video Induction for all your recruitment (€350 for the whole toolkit).

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The Video Recruitment Toolkit

In a competitive market, where everyone is vying for the same people, you need an edge to make sure you can attract the best talent. HAVING a great culture isnt enough, you need to be able to SHOW a great culture to potential employees as well.

We believe that the best way to do this is via video. There are plenty of great video products out there, but most are geared towards screening ‘OUT’ candidates rather than screening them ‘IN’. Few focus on selling you at the 4 critical stages of the hiring process:

  • Selling your role to prospective candidates
  • Assessing candidate personality and commitment prior to interview
  • Presenting an offer whilst addressing the looming counteroffer
  • The first day onboarding / induction process

So, we built the Video Recruitment Toolkit.

The Video Recruitment Toolkit consists of 4 products aimed at enhancing the critical recruitment stages whilst building a personal connection.

  • The Video Jobspec – Show your culture via a dashboard of information
  • The Video Shortlist – Assess candidates based on short videos and key criteria
  • The Video Offer – Re-establish connection at the critical offer stage
  • The Video Induction – manage workflows and documents and mix with videos from the team

We think they’re pretty good. Luckily for us, other people think so too. The Video Recruitment Toolkit has won 3 Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation, 2 Seek SARA’s for Recruitment Innovation and 2 Recruitment International Tiara’s for Product Innovation. Not bad huh?

For a monthly subscription of only €350 per month, you can use the toolkit for all your live roles.

Ready to find good people?