Systems, Support & Virtualisation Sara O'Toole


We asked Sara about her most embarrassing job and she told us that she used to be a clown. She asked us not to mention it in case people didn’t take her seriously.

We’ve resisted the urge. Which, if we’re honest, is no small feet. Sara is the permanent half of our Systems, Support & Virtualisation recruitment team and is known for her ability to match amazing candidates with awesome roles, which is no laughing matter. 

She’s also known for being thorough. We’re not saying she’s in-tents but when she has a goal in her sights she’s known to go for the juggler.  

This focus and amazing customer service background gives her a funfair advantage over her competitors, she’s no bozo and tends to run cirque-les around them.  

Sara is no mime reader but has an uncanny ability to match candidates with the perfect role.  This all means that Sara makes her competitors see red, nose her market and has a reputation for amazing service. 

We don’t fool ourselves, we know we’re lucky to have her as part of our team.  

Lucky we didn’t mention the clown thing. It’s the least we could do, it’s a nice jester.