Network & Security Conor McGurry

Conor is known for 2 things, his expertise in network and security recruitment and his eclectic taste in music.

Conor rocks the network and security market, and is a great addition to The Recruitment Company’s team.  What really makes him popular with the folk within his community is his focus on service and his ability to find the best people through use of cutting edge recruitment tools, combined with high quality traditional recruitment techniques: you could say he combines the progressive with the classical.

We don’t want to jazz it up too much, but this recruiter really has some metal, which helps him keep ahead of the competition in the changing world of tech. No challenge is too much for Conor as he recruits network and security specialist across the country.

We’ll stop there before we overdo the music puns. So that’s a rap.

Check out the jobs I have on our job board right now, or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.




CONOR’s latest two

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Cyber Security Consultant
Defining security requirements, facilitating testing, and maintaining relationships, while staying updated on emerging threats and industry standards. view
Network Security Engineer
Network Security Engineer role focused on implementing advanced security projects and also Design and implement secure network architectures view